Accidents & Injuries

Doctors at Allegiance Orthopedic & Spine Institute have extensive experience handling accident and injury cases. We work with many local attorneys to provide medical expertise for cases involving workers’ compensation claims, auto accidents, and personal injuries. We also accept letters of protection (LOP) for auto accident and personal injury claims.

If you or someone you know is involved in a law suit because of an injury, we know how complicated the process can become. In these situations, you cannot wait weeks to see an orthopedic doctor. At Allegiance Orthopedic, you will get priority scheduling and see a doctor within a week. Call us today at (561) 330-4358

As your doctor and medical expert, it is our job to:

  • Determine the extent of your injuries and disability
  • Provide a detailed report of the findings in a timely manner
  • Recommend a treatment plan
  • Maintain open communication with all parties (client, attorney, case workers, etc.)
  • Respond promptly and completely to any inquiries

Workers’ Compensation Cases

Allegiance Orthopedic & Spine Institute in Delray Beach, Boca Raton, and Plantation, Florida is a leader in diagnosing and treating work-related injuries in South Florida. Our doctors focus on getting injured employees back to work as quickly as possible. Our workers’ compensation services include:

  • Prompt evaluation and treatment of work-related injuries
  • Instant response to referring physicians
  • Comprehensive work status reports
  • Development of work restrictions and light duty assignments
  • Functional capacity evaluations (FCE)
  • Independent medical evaluations (IME)
  • A dedicated workers comp liason (Claire, extension 302)

Our doctors and staff provide comprehensive medical care to the injured worker, keeping the employer, insurer, and case manager apprised of the treatment plan, progress, and status along the way.

Auto Accidents

If you’ve been involved in a motor vehicle accident, it is wise to get checked by a doctor right away, especially if you experience any degree of whiplash or sustain multiple injuries. Many people may feel fine at first because of the adrenaline rush that floods your body after a traumatic incident, but days later the pain will become noticeable. Do not ignore minor injuries or pain, as it may be more serious than you realize.

The orthopedic care team at Allegiance Orthopedic & Spine Institute has years of experience helping people who have been injured in auto accidents, motorcycle accidents, and other vehicle accidents. We will work with your insurance provider to make sure your injuries are handled properly.

Slips and Falls

Accidental slips and falls become a major risk factor for fractures as we grow old, but you can fall and get hurt any time, any place, and at any age. A fractured hip or shoulder is a serious injury that can take months to heal.

If you slip in the parking lot at your grocery store and break your hip, you might find yourself in the midst of a personal injury case that could take even longer to resolve. Fortunately, Allegiance Orthopedic & Spine Institute has dealt with many personal injury cases. You are in good hands here. We will treat your injuries and recommend ways to prevent future falls.

Contact us today for an appointment in Delray Beach, Boca Raton, or Plantation, Florida. Don’t worry about the short notice. We understand, and we want to help you. Call (561) 330-4358 or use our online appointment request form to get started.

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